NMI Design Solutions is an innovative product design company that can turn your concept into a commercial reality. Even if you don’t yet have a concept and are still at the problem stage we can help. With a strong background in research and development the NMI Design team relishes the challenge of solving problems.

Advancing technology continually opens up new opportunities for low cost electronics together with purpose designed software and mechanical components to solve challenges that only a few years ago would have been technically unfeasible or economically unviable. By using the latest advancements in technology NMI can deliver solutions more cost effectively than many older technologies.

If you think it may be time for a product redesign but lack some of the specialised design resources or are simply overworked already then let us assess the situation and develop a plan to work in with your design requirements. By utilizing our experience with today’s latest technologies we can drastically shorten the design process and reduce the time to market of your new or redesigned product.






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