Electronic Design

Embedded Control

NMI Design Solutions uses microcontrollers and DSP’s from some of the industries leading suppliers to deliver customized, reliable and cost effective control solutions for you application. Whether you require an ultra low power battery operated microcontroller or a specialized high speed DSP control system we can custom design a solution to meet your needs.

Microcontrollers often need to communicate with other electronic systems. NMI Design has experience with multiple hardware communication methods such as CAN, RS485, USB 2.0 and Ethernet.

Data Acquisition

The measurement of ‘Sensor’ data is a fundamental function of many embedded control systems. Types of ‘sensors’ can vary from simple digital ‘on-off’ sensors such as mechanical switches and photoelectric beam sensors to variable analogue output sensors such as load cells and temperature sensors. Whether you want to measure weight, temperature, color, acceleration, pressure or anything else NMI can design the signal conditioning circuitry and data acquisition system to suit your requirements.

Motor Control

From small low voltage DC Motors to high power 3-phase motors NMI Design can integrate an embedded controller with both off the shelf motor drives as well as custom designed drives to give you precise motor control for your application.




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