Advanced Product Design

NMI Design Solutions provides a number of services to help you turn ideas into reality or improve an existing product.

Problem Solving

Many innovative products begin life as a problem looking for a solution. If you are at this problem stage and have yet to find a solution let us try and find one for you. With a very wide range of backgrounds and experience we will endeavor to find the best possible practical solution to your problem.

Feasibility Studies

Do you have an idea for a product? Are you unsure how to proceed? Let us evaluate the technical feasibility of your idea and give you an estimate of how much it will cost to develop and then manufacture your product in various volumes.

Product Design

The development of a product to a commercial level can involve a wide range of skills from mechanical design through to advanced electronic development, aesthetics to software design. Many decisions need to be made concerning material choice and finish, functionality, versatility, reliability and cost. There are almost always tradeoffs between weight, size, appearance, reliability and production cost. The NMI Design will work closely with you to develop a product that meets all your design criteria.

Prototype Production

Following on from the engineering design stage NMI Design Solutions can assemble one or more prototypes for testing and further development. NMI can co-ordinate the supply of all electronics and out-sourced parts from manufacturers around the country. Our experience in dealing with suppliers will ensure that you get the most competitive pricing available for even low volume manufacture.










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